Three Common Cell Phone Repair Myths

There are many myths out there about broken cell phones and cell phone repair.


When your phone breaks, the first thing that you might do is resort to reading, hearing, and believing one of these many myths. Here, we lay out three of the top cell phone repair myths that we would like to debunk. Read them, know better, and then tell your friends the truth whenever their cell phones break!


1.    Uncooked Rice Fixes Broken Phones


You have probably heard the age old tip that you are supposed to bury a water damaged phone in a bowl of uncooked rice. When doing this, people hope that the rice kernels will essentially soak up the water that is stopping the phone from working. However, this won’t fix your device, and can even damage it by leaving behind sugar and starch residue that will only speed up corrosion of your phones internal parts. However, when you take your phone to a professional to be fixed, they use the correct equipment and chemicals to fix the water damage.


2.    Cracked Screens Only Look Bad


Cracked screens do look bad, and that is definitely a concern when one gets broken. However they also do more than make your phone less aesthetically pleasing and hard to use. Cracked screens have the ability to cause problems internally with your phone when they are left unfixed for long amounts of time. These problems can include but are not limited to touch screen malfunctions, dark spots, dead spots, and malfunctions to the backlight. Getting a cracked screen fixed by a cell phone repair professional can help to alleviate all of these potential issues as well as get your phone looking nice again.



3.    Repairing Your Cell Phone Isn’t Worth The Time


Is repairing your cell phone really worth the time and the money? Most people just believe that it will be too much of a hassle and that they should just buy a whole new one altogether. However, if you go to the right professional, repairing a cell phone can be the best economical and timely choice. Problems with cracked screens, broken LCDs, Jailbreaking/Unlocking, malfunctioning charging ports, no sound or low audio, and water damage can all be fixed by professionals that know what they are doing. In the end, this will save you much more time and money that you would spend if you were to go through the process of buying a comple

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